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Verb Coffee

Sebastian Ramirez IPA - Lemongrass

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Whole Bean Coffee 

Columbia, Caturra

Process: Black Honey Lemongrass Infused

Elevation: 1,744 MASL

We taste: cherry limeade, lemon, seltzer 

From Wilmington Coffee Fest!!

This coffee is just amazing! It has consistent
notes of lime, lemongrass, and floral, while
still maintaining a smooth, lactic body. It all
starts at Sebastian Ramirez’s farms, where
the Caturra beans are handpicked and
selected. The cherries are then sealed in a
CO2-filled container and undergo carbonic
maceration for 100 hours while the pH and
temperature are controlled. Next, they are
depulped and sealed once again, this time
with a hop culture that Sebastian calls Mosto,
for another 100 hours. After all of this, the
coffee is dried in Elbas (open patios) for up
to 30 days and stabilized for another 15 days.
We are thrilled about this coffee, and if you
ever try it, you’ll understand why.


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